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Go Ahead and Judge Me

I’ve learned in the past five years of motherhood, there is an endless number of parenting styles, opinions, and beliefs. People of different cultures (age, socioeconomic status, education, occupation, race/ethnicity, geographical location, sexual orientation, religion, etc.) tend to have a “normal”, and within each category, there are expectations for how you “should” be parenting. Even on a national level, the American… Read more →

April 14th, 2014

  April 14, 2014 Dear Dad, Today is your 62nd birthday. Mom texted me this morning to remind me, but I was already aware. Mom texting. Yes, I would have never guessed she would manage to figure it out either. She has even managed to FaceTime. Who would have thought, right? I’ve been thinking about you quite a bit lately,… Read more →

Where our Culture of “Family” Originates

  “Como estas Susanna?” she would say, every time we greeted each other. She would hold my hands with her own frail hands which had a much tighter grip than you would expect. “Bien,” I would reply, really because that is the extent of my Spanish. Language, the biggest barrier between us, forced us to just nod, point, and wait… Read more →

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