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My daughter is taking gymnastics class once a week. Here, she is learning to walk across a beam without falling. The lower balance beam, which is a few inches off the ground, is crossed quickly, without hesitation, without help. However the balance beam that is raised high off the ground, approximately 3 feet, cannot be so easily crossed. She climbs… Read more →

Terrible Two’s at Costco

This morning, I noticed we are running low on diapers, low on laundry detergent and out of disinfectant spray. Time for a bi-monthly run to Costco. It’s a nice day, and this gave me the energy to tackle this journey with both kiddos, all by myself. I went into it being realistic, knowing I’d have to move quick, knowing that… Read more →

Vanity versus Confidence

Lately, I have found myself thinking about my values and beliefs regarding beauty. I see someone help an elderly person in the store, I experience my chai latte being paid for at Starbucks as a stranger practices “paying it forward”, and I witness my 4-year old daughter give away her birthday gift to her cousin. Such acts of compassion, kindness,… Read more →

The Working Mom

She was once a little girl. She played with Barbies, she liked to dress-up in her mother’s clothes, and she could spend hours reading a good book. She liked to explore the world on her bike and was a master of make-believe. She liked being tucked in tight at night by her parents.  She knew she could be whatever she wanted… Read more →

Whew, the Stages of the Diaper Change

As a baby grows into a toddler, the relationship with the diaper changes. Every time things get a little easier, they also get a little harder. But I guess if we had the same diaper problems from year 0 to potty trained, we would feel bored so “yay for variety?”. In the first stage we use the cute tiny little… Read more →

Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Expectations.

I look in the mirror. I hardly recognize the me that stares back. I see my body and can feel society holding the syringe and waiting to inject me with the shame that shall run its course through my veins. The wear of motherhood makes me cringe as I face the stretch marks, the loose skin, and the extra pounds.… Read more →

Ring of Fire: a Timeline of My Love-Obsession with Spicy Foods

I have always loved spicy foods. How could I not being the daughter of  a Korean woman who ate (and still eats) spicy food daily. Even my son , at one and a half, appears to be following me down this path. I only can hope his own journey of relationships with spicy foods will be as fulfilling as mine.… Read more →

I Don’t Care.

So we are currently moving. And one of the fun parts of moving is that you find things you forgot you had. My husband stumbled onto one of these so-called forgotten things: a box of photos. Herein lied photos of my early twenties and mid-twenties, the period before I was married and a mom. Some pictures brought back good memories,… Read more →

I Am A Conqueror, I am a Working Mom

Today I’ve been challenged with writing the post that was on my mind when I decided to start my blog. The problem is that I’ve written that blog in each and every post I’ve published. I love the honest emotion that erupts from me as I let myself meditate on what life demands of me. I love to put that… Read more →

5 Things I Would do on a Day Without Kids

Photo Credit: http://www.tacobell.com/food/menu/fourth-meal/ Sometimes, I’d like to go back in time, to a day where I didn’t have kids yet. I would take advantage of the simplistic freedoms I took for granted because I didn’t understand how these things were secret treasures. It’s not the same now, even if my kids went away to a relative’s for an entire day. … Read more →

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