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My daughter is taking gymnastics class once a week. Here, she is learning to walk across a beam without falling. The lower balance beam, which is a few inches off the ground, is crossed quickly, without hesitation, without help. However the balance beam that is raised high off the ground, approximately 3 feet, cannot be so easily crossed. She climbs… Read more →

A Review of Home Depot’s Kids Workshops

Last month, my husband made a great discovery. It was a Saturday, the first Saturday of the month. I was getting ready for my annual mommy cookie exchange party, and my daughter was being a great helper with frosting cookies. My son is not quite old enough to be a good helper in the kitchen, so Daddy took him out… Read more →

Creating New Year’s Tradition

Today is New Year’s Eve. NYE used to mean wearing lots of sparkles and glitter, drinking glasses of champagne, and partying late into the night. Life has really changed. I have no interest in getting dressed up (although I still love sparkles and glitter), I am way too tired to stay up until midnight and am happy to be in… Read more →

New Year’s Resolution #1, Check!

One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year was to go to a yoga class (you can see my list of 10 resolutions here). After reading my resolutions, because I also post them on Facebook every year, my co-worker Beth invited me to a hot yoga class. I had heard of hot yoga and was happy that someone was inviting… Read more →

I Am A Conqueror, I am a Working Mom

Today I’ve been challenged with writing the post that was on my mind when I decided to start my blog. The problem is that I’ve written that blog in each and every post I’ve published. I love the honest emotion that erupts from me as I let myself meditate on what life demands of me. I love to put that… Read more →

April 14th, 2014

  April 14, 2014 Dear Dad, Today is your 62nd birthday. Mom texted me this morning to remind me, but I was already aware. Mom texting. Yes, I would have never guessed she would manage to figure it out either. She has even managed to FaceTime. Who would have thought, right? I’ve been thinking about you quite a bit lately,… Read more →

My Daughter’s Balloon

There’s something about a helium balloon. Just one, on its own, evokes feelings of youthful happiness. A reminder of when times were simpler, when one balloon tied to the wrist could make me believe I was special.  There’s something magical about how it floats upwards. Happily, it seems to bounce with me as we walk in unison. Laughing and smiling… Read more →

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