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April 14th, 2015

Dear Dad, Your birthday has snuck up quickly. I can’t believe a year has gone by since I last wrote you. So much happens in just a year, yet it feels like it was yesterday. Your grandchildren have grown and are now 2 and 4. We visited Mom at the house last summer, and we made a special trip to… Read more →

April 14th, 2014

  April 14, 2014 Dear Dad, Today is your 62nd birthday. Mom texted me this morning to remind me, but I was already aware. Mom texting. Yes, I would have never guessed she would manage to figure it out either. She has even managed to FaceTime. Who would have thought, right? I’ve been thinking about you quite a bit lately,… Read more →

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!

A Valentine’s Day and birth story all in one. Warning: If you are pregnant with your first, DO NOT READ THIS. Wait until after you give birth. Today my daughter is 3, and in this last year she has grown up so much into a smart, beautiful little girl. She can tell me when she is happy, sad, scared, and mad.… Read more →

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