Silencing my Mind

Eva Shhhhh

There are so many thoughts, so many anxieties, so many overwhelming needs in my life. Each role I have comes with it’s unique responsibilities and expectations I strive to meet. I must be a good mom. I must be a dutiful wife. I must be a successful therapist. This is a list that goes on and on. If I let these thoughts just be though, I would be really depressed. It’s a war, and I have my ammunition ready.

To fight these powerful thoughts, I have come up with a number of positive thoughts that silence such harsh expectations.

When I hear the voices in my mind judging me for working so much; when the voices tell me that a mother shouldn’t leave her child to be cared by others followed with my heart breaking as I drop my children off at daycare; when I experience guilt due to thoughts that I don’t have the mental energy and patience at the end of the day to play with my kids, I silence my mind:

“I appreciate every moment with my children, good or bad, as every moment with them I can never get back.”

When I hear the voices in my mind wanting to give up on people; saying I’m not appreciated enough; feeling like life isn’t fair; adamantly stating I deserve better; when the arguments and disagreements feel like too much; thinking I am trapped, I silence my mind:

“May my life be abundant with happiness and forgiveness.”

When I hear the voices telling me something has to change in my career; when I have a deep yearning to make more money and work less so I can be home; when I experience the bitterness of how much I racked up in student loans to have a job that just pays the bills; when my job feels too stressful; when there seems to be no good options, I silence my mind:

“I am meant for great things.”

When I hear the voices saying there’s no way I can do this; when fulfilling all of my roles seems impossible; when I experience mental, emotional, and  physical exhaustion due to the stressors of day-to-day living, I silence my mind:

“I am a conqueror.”

These thoughts are already based on an idea of radical acceptance. And they work. I believe these things, I live these things. And it feels good to be winning the war.


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