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Welcome to a place where you might just get a little bit of your sanity back. Being a parent makes you crazy, but it’s the best experience of crazy that exists. Sometimes I get bogged down with the stress which comes from fulfilling my responsibilities as a mom to two preschoolers, a dutiful wife, and my career as a therapist. This blog documents how I use my knowledge as a therapist to battle mommy-guilt, overcome societal expectations, and take care of myself. Through self-compassion, positive thinking, setting goals, and having fun, I create a balance in my life making it possible to live my dream. I hope to help others feel understood, motivated, and inspired to make the most of their parenting journeys. Because guess what? It’s possible. -Suzanne

I love to hear the sentiments of readers, so please leave a comment on any post. If this is your first time visiting, here are my MUST READS to introduce you to my writing and see what I have to offer. And if you like it, why not follow me on Facebook or subscribe?

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  1. May 3, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    Hi! Wonderful blog, seems interesting to me:) I am also a working mom whit two girls, I live by myself and they are with me every second week, so i am a “part time mom”. My children are no longer small kids, they are about 8 and 11, time passes so fast. Nice to meet you!

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