Vanity versus Confidence

Lately, I have found myself thinking about my values and beliefs regarding beauty. I see someone help an elderly person in the store, I experience my chai latte being paid for at Starbucks as a stranger practices “paying it forward”, and I witness my 4-year old daughter give away her birthday gift to her cousin. Such acts of compassion, kindness,… Read more →

DIY Pond

For the longest time, my husband has talked about wanting a pond in our yard. A professional pond job is at least $1000, and we are not the types to pay someone to do something in our yard. And when I say we, I have to admit I am not a garden/yard type, whereas my husband loves it. I enjoy… Read more →

Doing Disneyland with Toddlers on a Budget

It’s questionable on whether it’s worth spending money to take toddlers to Disneyland. In my opinion, it’s totally worth it. At 3 years old, my daughter is in full princess-loving mode. There’s no stopping it. Princesses are everywhere, and seeing a little girl playing in her little princess dress is so adorable. When I saw my daughter in complete awe… Read more →

Joining the Masses

After Thanksgiving last year, I remember seeing a map on Facebook which showed what people were most thankful for according to state. According to this map, “yoga” was the top thing here in Oregon. I hate to be one to jump on the band wagon, but I’m in agreement about yoga being wonderful. I’m personally more thankful for my kids,… Read more →

The Working Mom

She was once a little girl. She played with Barbies, she liked to dress-up in her mother’s clothes, and she could spend hours reading a good book. She liked to explore the world on her bike and was a master of make-believe. She liked being tucked in tight at night by her parents.  She knew she could be whatever she wanted… Read more →

Happy Hour at Home

Staying in tune with my New Year’s Resolutions (click here to view them all), I want to be sure to get started on making some play dates happen. One problem about this time of year is the weather. In the summer, we can go to parks, splash pads, and fountains for free. This time of  year though, there’s nowhere to… Read more →

A Review of Home Depot’s Kids Workshops

Last month, my husband made a great discovery. It was a Saturday, the first Saturday of the month. I was getting ready for my annual mommy cookie exchange party, and my daughter was being a great helper with frosting cookies. My son is not quite old enough to be a good helper in the kitchen, so Daddy took him out… Read more →

2015 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s my 1-year blogversery. I’ve learned lots about blogging, and I have increased my own self-awareness, so I’m all in for year 2. Although I’m not going to set an official resolution this year around blogging, I do intend to blog with more consistency this year (I will not go on a three-month hiatus). Last year at this time I… Read more →

Creating New Year’s Tradition

Today is New Year’s Eve. NYE used to mean wearing lots of sparkles and glitter, drinking glasses of champagne, and partying late into the night. Life has really changed. I have no interest in getting dressed up (although I still love sparkles and glitter), I am way too tired to stay up until midnight and am happy to be in… Read more →

Living La Vida Middle Class

When I was in high school, I remember learning about socioeconomic status. I learned more in college and graduate school as I had lots of coursework on diversity. However, I don’t really remember seriously thinking about it and processing the class system, because it was not something I found interesting or found to be very impactful in my life at… Read more →

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