New Year’s Resolutions 2016


Every year, I pick 10 resolutions to work towards. I usually meet some of them, and some I halfway meet, and some I really don’t make progress on at all. However, when I go back and review, I am often surprised how on-track I actually am with these goals. I felt worried about going over my 2015 resolutions because I thought I would be far off from where I had hoped to be with these goals. However, I am pleased because many of the goals I had last year are still aligned with what I want to continue to work on this year. Even resolutions from prior years (here is 2014 and instruction on how to create effective resolutions) are still a big part of my life. For example, I still find blogging to be a great self-care activity. Trying out yoga two years ago has changed my life, and now I am able to easily meditate. I love to do law-of-attraction guided meditations at night prior to sleep. As a result of my 2015 resolutions, I have a Pinterest page dedicated to crock pot recipes, and as I’m writing, I have one of those crockpot creations thawing in my fridge to take for my lunch at work tomorrow. Although reading books with my kids hasn’t infiltrated our lives as much as I’d like, we had many library trips in 2015, and to prove it, I have a large outstanding fee to pay right now for a movie we cannot find. And three years ago, I resolved to have a positive attitude so took on some affirmations. To this day, I use the affirmation “I am a conqueror”as a way to deal with feelings of being overwhelmed. And it works for me.

I love the New Year season for this experience. I get to reflect on the growth that has been made, reminisce about memories never to be forgotten, and look with hope into a future I am creating. I have spent the past several days looking at pictures and reviewing 2015 to put together my family New Year scrapbook (a tradition I began last year). Even though this last year had it’s challenges and difficulties, there was so much good stuff going on in our lives. I am hopeful in what is yet to come.

The areas I want to focus on in the year to come include happiness, health, family, self-care, finances, and balance. So, in 2016, I resolve to…

  1. Face pain. Whether it be physical or emotional, I want to be fully aware. It’s easier to avoid, to pretend the discomfort is not there, but I want to be strong, and I want to be happy. Pain is a sign that something is not okay, so I will face it so I can heal, grow, or move on. 
  2. Practice yoga regularly. Ideally, every morning would begin with yoga, but I do not have the time or energy. I currently have a subscription to, and I love it. My goal is to practice at least once/week.
  3. Incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies in my diet. I have no problem feeding my kids fruits, but I hardly touch fruit at home. I am much better with veggies, but my kids won’t eat much outside of carrots, cucumbers and broccoli. Because I don’t like to make three different meals for myself, my children, and my husband, I end up ditching the fresh veggies. I will just have to put in the extra efforts for the vegetables, even if I am the only one who eats them.
  4. Bake more cookies. I love cookies, and so do my kids. Cookies just make people happy. I have a Pinterest page dedicated to “cookie loving”, but I don’t think I have tried one recipe. I would like to try a different recipe every week. Maybe Monday’s can become cookie baking day since meatless Monday was a huge flop for me last year.
  5. Blog regularly. Last year was not the greatest year for blogging for me. Although I really feel like it serves as a self-care activity, I avoided it last year. This year, I will not miss a month. I would like to aim to do this weekly also, but  the bigger goal is not to let a month go by without it.
  6. Start a beauty regimen. I feel like I have let myself go as a mom. Not horribly, but a little bit more than I like. And, it’s not a bad thing to let some stuff go because life is busy, and what matters is the kids and family. However, I’m getting older, and I’d like to put some effort into taking care of my skin. So for now, that’s about it, I just want to get into the habit of taking care of my skin with some products that are good-quality.
  7. Give myself permission to not be supermom on holidays and special occasions. I love going all out for holidays, birthdays, parties, gatherings, etc. But I’m burnt out. I think about all the ways I can make something fabulous, and I feel major frustration when circumstances cause it to fall short of fabulous. But even when things are superfabulous, no one cares. No one understands the time and effort I put into recipes, decorations, ideas, etc. Not that people don’t have appreciation, but ultimately it doesn’t improve anyone’s quality of life, so I need to let it go. Instead of trying to be supermom, superwife, superfriend, superwhatever, I’m going to give myself permission to pick 1 or 2 things and choose to be satisfied. 
  8. Upcycle. I love to be creative, and I love to transform junk into good-looking functionality. This last summer, someone on my Nextdoor app was giving away cinder blocks and large plastic barrels. I have wanted to make rain barrels, so I’m hopeful about such a project occurring this spring. The cinder blocks served to create a seating area in our back patio at the end of the summer. Upcycling is great, and Portland is a great place for it. I’m hoping to start another Pinterest board and complete at least 3 projects this year.
  9. Enjoy sleep. Since having children, sleeping has become all kinds of weird. I know I need it, but I don’t value it. I’d rather stay up late and get up early, but I wake up tired and do not feel rested. I want to develop a regular sleep routine so that maybe I will enjoy getting to sleep, and maybe I will even start to experience feelings of sleepiness at times that are not the middle of the afternoon.
  10. Improve family time. I often feel like family time should focus on enriching my children’s lives through experiences of new things and many new things. Although this isn’t a bad thing, the quality of my engagement with my kids has much room for improvement. This means turning the tv off, putting the cell phone down, and looking for ways to involve my children, even if it may take longer (I focus on getting something done because I can get it done quick if I do it alone). I’d like to be mindful daily about spending at least 30 minutes in a row of quality time with them, even on those days when my only opportunity is when they wake.

That’s it. Share your resolutions with me in the comments section.

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