My Husband, the State of Emergency Hero

City Hero
City Hero


When the weather gets bad, the city counts on you

Clearing the roads, making sure people can get through.

Working overtime and really late hours

Sanding and plowing using your superpowers.

You give it your all, 100 percent

And when you get home, we can tell you are spent.

All night you were up, in the cold and the snow

Witness to disasters we will never know.

Missed out on a snow day with our daughter and son

And slept through our afternoon dance party fun.

A hard job it is, keeping the city safe like you do

A deep thanks I give to you and your crew

We miss you at home, wish you could be here

The weekends aren’t the same without you near

We love you and think about you every second you’re away

And cannot wait for the day when you will stay

Because when you’re gone the temp here is below zero

The best Daddy and Husband, our city hero.

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