Essential Oils for the (Working) Mom

Today I’m introducing my first ever guest blogger:

Tess is a full-time Event Coordinator but her true passion is being an essential oil educator and wellness advocate.  She lives in the Pacific Northwest and loves helping people empower themselves to take control of their own health, live consciously and live happy. Please visit her blog on essential oils and get some good tips on how you can introduce these oils into your life.

Life gets busy and stressful for everyone, especially Moms.  I’m not a mom myself (yet) but I think they deserve an award every day.  When life gets busy, hectic, stressful and the like – it’s helpful (and essential) to step back and turn to nature’s medicine to get through those chaotic times.   Essential Oils are an easy, safe and inexpensive alternative to many medicines that are marketed to calm you down, give you a boost and/or relieve stress.  I use them daily for a whole myriad of issues!


Here’s the quick breakdown – EO’s are aromatic compounds naturally extracted from plants.  They are powerful and safe with minimal side effects, if any.  Essential oils can be used aromatically, topically or in some cases, internally.  Not all oils can be ingested, so please always do your own research and read all labels.  My goal in spreading the word of alternative wellness options is to empower YOU to take control of your health and happiness – BUT that also means everyone should be responsible and do what is best for YOU and your family.


Now for the stuff you’re aching to know – what EO’s can the busy mom use when life gets stressful!?


Lavender / Serenity Blend – two oils that do wonders at eliminating stress, help calm, and relieve anxiety.  My favorite places to apply these are on my wrists, back of neck, bottom of feet and chest.  You can use these oils NEAT (without diluting with a carrier oil e.g. coconut oil) or diluted – whatever YOU prefer!  These oils are also great for diffusing in a room to help the mood of every one.  They’re great for the little ones too (always dilute and rub on bottoms of feet or diffuse).


Citrus Bliss / Elevation Blends – we all need energy and an afternoon pick me up!  Both of these oils are great for just that.  Citrusy goodness that you just want to eat (but don’t – these can’t be ingested).  Diffuse or apply as a perfume – these blends are joyous and uplifting and will help you feel just that.  *citrus oils cause photosensitivity so avoid direct sun exposure when using.


Peppermint – put down the Tylenol!  Peppermint oil works fabulously for headaches and those chaotic afternoons when you need a refresher.  Apply to temples, forehead and/or back of neck for headaches or cup and inhale for a little refresher.


These are just a handful of Essential Oils and their benefits.  Learning about and using EO’s can be confusing and overwhelming at first!  For more information on EO’s – feel free to email me – and check out my blog





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