Creating New Year’s Tradition

Today is New Year’s Eve. NYE used to mean wearing lots of sparkles and glitter, drinking glasses of champagne, and partying late into the night. Life has really changed. I have no interest in getting dressed up (although I still love sparkles and glitter), I am way too tired to stay up until midnight and am happy to be in with just my kiddos and husband tonight, and I traded glasses of champagne for a glass of sparkling cider. Although this may sound boring, I don’t feel bored. While my husband watches Netflix, my kids watch Caillou, and I’m typing on my laptop, I’m thinking “this is a really satisfying New Year’s Eve.” Instead of bored, I’m content, I’m excited, and I’m optimistic.

New Year’s has a different meaning in my life, and this year I consciously made a decision to add some new traditions. New Year’s is now a time for reflection for me and my family. I came up with some reflections questions for 2014, and I had my husband answer too. I also made a children’s version, and I interviewed my daughter. Since my son is still too young to answer the reflection questions, we answered for him. I also have a family chart that says how old we each turned, what we did on our birthdays, and what we got for Christmas. There are so many memories to reflect upon, so much growth, and so much wisdom we accumulate through the year, I am happy to add a new tradition in our lives to record this on an annual basis.

On New Year’s Day, I will sit with my kids, we will decorate a scrapbook page for each of us, and we will add our reflection questions and answers. I am so busy throughout the year, to be able to have a day to dedicate to reflection is something for which I feel grateful. In remembering the good times, the struggles, the successes, and the losses, I feel motivated for the next year. I am excited for the experience, for the life that will fill me in the months to come, for the opportunities to live life with exuberant intention. See you soon 2015!

My daughter’s reflections:

What is your favorite color? Red

What is your favorite thing to wear? A Dress

What is your favorite food? Macaroni and cheese

Who is your best friend? Charlotte

What is your favorite cartoon? Frozen

What do you like to do for fun? Run around at the park, play tag, play hide-and-seek

What is your favorite toy? Elsa dress

What is your favorite song? Let It Go

Share your child’s answers/reflections with me in the comments below.


Let me know your sentiments.

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