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Happy Hour at Home

Staying in tune with my New Year’s Resolutions (click here to view them all), I want to be sure to get started on making some play dates happen. One problem about this time of year is the weather. In the summer, we can go to parks, splash pads, and fountains for free. This time of  year though, there’s nowhere to… Read more →

A Review of Home Depot’s Kids Workshops

Last month, my husband made a great discovery. It was a Saturday, the first Saturday of the month. I was getting ready for my annual mommy cookie exchange party, and my daughter was being a great helper with frosting cookies. My son is not quite old enough to be a good helper in the kitchen, so Daddy took him out… Read more →

Creating New Year’s Tradition

Today is New Year’s Eve. NYE used to mean wearing lots of sparkles and glitter, drinking glasses of champagne, and partying late into the night. Life has really changed. I have no interest in getting dressed up (although I still love sparkles and glitter), I am way too tired to stay up until midnight and am happy to be in… Read more →


The days begin with feeling tired, not wanting to get out of bed, but knowing that I only have a short time to get done all that I want to get done before the kids wake up. Only, there is never enough time to get everything done before the kids wake up. Always clothes that need to be washed, folded,… Read more →

The Motivation of Anger

My newest revelation began with my phone ringing. It was my childcare provider with some sad news. A woman who decided against taking her child to their in-home daycare made an elitist decision. Ms. Elitist, who apparently works on the legal team of Nike (which is why I label her as an elitist), heard something about my childcare providers from another mom. This mom shares a… Read more →

Whew, the Stages of the Diaper Change

As a baby grows into a toddler, the relationship with the diaper changes. Every time things get a little easier, they also get a little harder. But I guess if we had the same diaper problems from year 0 to potty trained, we would feel bored so “yay for variety?”. In the first stage we use the cute tiny little… Read more →

How do We Stop Tragedy?

Last week Portland was hit with a sad day. Another school shooting at a high school. My heart is heavy thinking about how there appears to be no end in sight to these acts of violence. I wonder if we will become desensitized as a culture to these acts as they are growing in numbers, or will something change. And… Read more →

The Truth about Bedtime

In the days without kids, I imagined how fun it would be to read my future children bedtime stories, tuck them in for the night, and see them doze off. I imagined all the good stories we would enjoy together, the perfect kiss good night, and how they would sleep soundly. I did not have a clue about what bedtime… Read more →

Essential Oils for the (Working) Mom

Today I’m introducing my first ever guest blogger: Tess is a full-time Event Coordinator but her true passion is being an essential oil educator and wellness advocate.  She lives in the Pacific Northwest and loves helping people empower themselves to take control of their own health, live consciously and live happy. Please visit her blog on essential oils and get… Read more →

Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Expectations.

I look in the mirror. I hardly recognize the me that stares back. I see my body and can feel society holding the syringe and waiting to inject me with the shame that shall run its course through my veins. The wear of motherhood makes me cringe as I face the stretch marks, the loose skin, and the extra pounds.… Read more →

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