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Biking is a great way to de-stress as a parent. Read about family biking adventures we take or how to get started creating your own family biking adventures.

Family Bike Riding: Part 2-Planning a Ride

In Part 1 (click here for that post), I shared the basics for what you need to begin family bike riding with little ones. Now I’ll focus on how I plan a family bike riding trip. This includes figuring out where we will go, what we are going to need, and other things to consider. My disclaimer: I have only… Read more →

Family Bike Riding-Part 1, What You Need

In 2015, my husband had back surgery after having thrown his back out at work for the final time. The recovery process involved him having to give up running temporarily, and in the meantime, it randomly led to a new family hobby: biking. We have never been avid bikers, we had no gear, and we didn’t even own  working bikes. If you are… Read more →

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