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How do We Stop Tragedy?

Last week Portland was hit with a sad day. Another school shooting at a high school. My heart is heavy thinking about how there appears to be no end in sight to these acts of violence. I wonder if we will become desensitized as a culture to these acts as they are growing in numbers, or will something change. And… Read more →

Real Life Assumptions, Stereotypes and Racism

 Last night I made a phone call to a resort to reserve a weekend on the coast. I was told I couldn’t do the weekend I wanted because they didn’t have any rooms with two beds open for me, my husband, and our two kids. So, I reserved a weekend that really didn’t work out so well with our schedule.… Read more →

Ring of Fire: a Timeline of My Love-Obsession with Spicy Foods

I have always loved spicy foods. How could I not being the daughter of  a Korean woman who ate (and still eats) spicy food daily. Even my son , at one and a half, appears to be following me down this path. I only can hope his own journey of relationships with spicy foods will be as fulfilling as mine.… Read more →

I Don’t Care.

So we are currently moving. And one of the fun parts of moving is that you find things you forgot you had. My husband stumbled onto one of these so-called forgotten things: a box of photos. Herein lied photos of my early twenties and mid-twenties, the period before I was married and a mom. Some pictures brought back good memories,… Read more →

“Fat Talk” Reflections from a Groupon Fail

  Last week I had a Groupon to “get my hair did”. It was not a good experience, as it took 4 weeks from my initial phone call to get in, and I got the most mediocre highlights of my life. But this isn’t about how I feel ripped off and will never go back. In making small talk with… Read more →

Teen Mom 2 is back, Dr. Drew is an A-hole, and how ‘Bout the Frommy

It’s that time of year where I should be preoccupied with getting my taxes done and celebrating the Seahawks winning the Superbowl. Instead I find myself thinking about those gals of Teen Mom 2. I have a special place for them in my heart. During my first pregnancy, I was on bed rest, forced to just watch reality television all… Read more →

Where our Culture of “Family” Originates

  “Como estas Susanna?” she would say, every time we greeted each other. She would hold my hands with her own frail hands which had a much tighter grip than you would expect. “Bien,” I would reply, really because that is the extent of my Spanish. Language, the biggest barrier between us, forced us to just nod, point, and wait… Read more →

2014 New Years Resolutions

2014 New Year Resolutions Every year for the past 10+ years, I have set 10 resolutions to strive towards. Some of these resolutions I meet, some, I half meet, and some, I don’t even come close to meeting. However, I am always in tune with what I’m working towards, and I re-visit these throughout the year to see if I’m… Read more →

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