A Review of McMenamin’s Edgefield Happy Hour

A Review of McMenamin’s Edgefield                                                                                            

(One of the many McMenamin’s that exist in Oregon)

Family Friendly Features: Kids’ Menu; lots of open space inside and outside for kids to explore; many places to explore and adventures to be had

Family Un-friendly Features: Many of the bars do not allow for kids (minors) to step inside (however the main restaurant and a large pub area allow restaurant-style seating with the kids and offer happy hour)

Our Experience: It’s a somewhat chilly day, but the sun is out, so we are smiling. We have just driven 3 hours, returning from central Washington and are ready to let the kids out, eat, and enjoy some beer. My husband’s sister’s family is joining us, and altogether we have 4 adults and 3 kids. We park in the spacious lot where the kids are eager to let loose. They are easily visible and it’s not a high traffic area so we are happy to set them free. We head to the Power Station Pub and our waitress is friendly and patient with us. She suggests ordering a batch of fries for the kiddos right away, which was a great idea, so I know she must experience this often. I’m in a hummus mood (which is always my mood at happy hour time), and everyone else is ordering burgers and tots. All of the food is good, and in my experience, McMenamin’s happy hour foods are always simple and satisfying. We also get a pitcher of beer, “IPA please,” we request in our amateur beer-snob voices (which is how everyone sounds at McMenamin’s so no one notices.) The beer is good. After we eat, the kids are restless, ready to get out some energy after being in vehicles for hours. So, we head outside and wander up to the Distillery Bar. This is where people who come to golf start off. As we get to the top of the hill, we are pleased to see the firepit is lit. However, we are not greeted by friendly patron faces. No matter, their beards and lack of golf equipment show they don’t have any more right to stand by the fire than us. The Distillery is not family friendly so my sister-in-law and I send our beer wenches, I mean our husbands, in to get us another round. Feeling like we don’t fit in with the Beards, we move back down the path. The chill of the day gets to us though, and I imagine that if it were warmer we would be content sitting outside all day and night to let our kids explore. We head into the Black Rabbit Restaurant. Instead of sitting though, we explore the lodge, climb and descend stairs, check out all the interesting (interesting means weird and creepy) paintings throughout the hallways, all while sipping on our beer. It is good to get out, and we head back to our vehicles ready to head home. The kids fall asleep immediately which tells me they explored their hearts out.

My Recommendation: This is a great place to do happy hour with the kids, but they don’t do happy hour on the weekends at this site. Even if it’s not happy hour though, it’s nice to be able to let your kids run free (free within limits) while being able to have a beer, wine, soda, or whatever. They brew their beer and make their wine on site, which is pretty cool and pretty delicious. I recommend trying their cider, which they also make. Most importantly, instead of going when it’s cold , go when the temps are better and it’s not raining.


Let me know your sentiments.

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