A Review of Home Depot’s Kids Workshops

Last month, my husband made a great discovery. It was a Saturday, the first Saturday of the month. I was getting ready for my annual mommy cookie exchange party, and my daughter was being a great helper with frosting cookies. My son is not quite old enough to be a good helper in the kitchen, so Daddy took him out to run errands. Where did they go? Home Depot, of course.

They made a great discovery. Turns out, Home Depot sponsors a Kids Workshop the first Saturday of every month. In December, this workshop included making and painting some wooden, holiday décor, and they took pictures with Santa. When my husband came home, he got my daughter, and they headed back to Home Depot while I prepped for the party. My daughter was thrilled with what she made when she returned, and she was proud to show me her picture with Mr. Claus.

This last weekend, we went this time as a family. I didn’t want to miss out. We arrived, and the staff got my son his own Home Depot apron. My daughter wore hers from last time to show she was not a newbie. This month the craft was a wooden sled. It was really easy to help the kids put it together. I let my 3-year old daughter hammer the nails in, which I would never have done at home. She had fun, and was able to do it by herself, gaining confidence and speed with each nail. Next was the painting part. I had to resist painting it how I wanted it, and let her do it her way. She picked out pink and black, which looked good together. My husband worked with our son, and he was not quite as good at resisting to paint his sled how he wanted it. Since my son is 2, he didn’t seem to mind his daddy making some changes. When we were all done, the kids got certificates. There was no clean-up we had to do, no messes, no tools or parts to put away. It was a fun craft, and all we had to do was show up.

The best part of this is that Home Depot charges nothing. It’s free! There aren’t many stores out there that sponsor a free monthly kids event. It makes me feel happy about each time we chose Home Depot over other stores for our house and yard needs.

I have no complaints about the workshops. The one thing to beware is getting paint on you and probably your hands. There were paper towels available, but no place within immediate distance to wash your hands. We didn’t end up washing off the paint until we got home, but it was fine since it dried on our hands.

I would recommend trying this out with your toddlers or elementary-aged kids. It was a fun outing.


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