Month: July 2016

Go Ahead and Judge Me

I’ve learned in the past five years of motherhood,┬áthere is an endless number of parenting styles, opinions, and beliefs. People of different cultures (age, socioeconomic status, education, occupation, race/ethnicity, geographical location, sexual orientation, religion, etc.) tend to have a “normal”, and within each category, there are expectations for how you “should” be parenting. Even on a national level, the American… Read more →

Family Bike Riding: Part 2-Planning a Ride

In Part 1 (click here for that post), I shared the basics for what you need to begin family bike riding with little ones. Now I’ll focus on how I plan a family bike riding trip. This includes figuring out where we will go, what we are going to need, and other things to consider. My disclaimer: I have only… Read more →

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