Month: April 2015

Terrible Two’s at Costco

This morning, I noticed we are running low on diapers, low on laundry detergent and out of disinfectant spray. Time for a bi-monthly run to Costco. It’s a nice day, and this gave me the energy to tackle this journey with both kiddos, all by myself. I went into it being realistic, knowing I’d have to move quick, knowing that… Read more →

April 14th, 2015

Dear Dad, Your birthday has snuck up quickly. I can’t believe a year has gone by since I last wrote you. So much happens in just a year, yet it feels like it was yesterday. Your grandchildren have grown and are now 2 and 4. We visited Mom at the house last summer, and we made a special trip to… Read more →

Vanity versus Confidence

Lately, I have found myself thinking about my values and beliefs regarding beauty. I see someone help an elderly person in the store, I experience my chai latte being paid for at Starbucks as a stranger practices “paying it forward”, and I witness my 4-year old daughter give away her birthday gift to her cousin. Such acts of compassion, kindness,… Read more →

DIY Pond

For the longest time, my husband has talked about wanting a pond in our yard. A professional pond job is at least $1000, and we are not the types to pay someone to do something in our yard. And when I say we, I have to admit I am not a garden/yard type, whereas my husband loves it. I enjoy… Read more →

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