2015 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s my 1-year blogversery. I’ve learned lots about blogging, and I have increased my own self-awareness, so I’m all in for year 2. Although I’m not going to set an official resolution this year around blogging, I do intend to blog with more consistency this year (I will not go on a three-month hiatus). Last year at this time I wrote a post about how to set good resolutions and shared my own. You can check that post out here. I reviewed my resolutions from last year, and definitely fell short on some of them (as I always do). However, I never get down about it, because I know life changes, life gets busy. Further, I’ve spent the last two days reflecting on the year, and it was really good.

So here I go with my annual tradition. I’ve made contact with my childhood bestie to initiate accountability (part of my tradition). I’ve thought about what I’d like to accomplish this year, the things I want more of, the things I want less of, and I have thought about how I can make these things into measurable goals. I want to be more active since I have such a sedentary job, I want to be healthier, I want my kids to watch less television/iphone videos. I want to have better self-care. I want to make more time for socializing. Here’s how I shall bring these things to life. And I want to find ways to simplify my ever busy lifestyle.

In 2015. I resolve to…

  1. Visit the library twice a month with the kiddos to pick out some books. (Bye bye smartphone videos, hello  story time).
  2. Join the world in Meatless Mondays. (I don’t want to wholly give up meat, but they say one day a week helps the mistreated animals).
  3. Create a collection of crockpot recipes. (Simplest way to make dinner and tomorrow’s lunch).
  4. Meet the 2000 goal on my fuel band daily. (This is really hard on work days, easy on weekends).
  5. Take three road trips. (There’s so much to see, our Swaggerwagon is the perfect road tripping machine, and we really create lots of memories when we travel.)
  6. Do my make-up when I go to work. (This may sound vain, but because I feel like I don’t have enough time, I often let myself get by on minimal. All you moms know what I mean. I feel better when I feel like I look good, and I’ve been hating work, so this is a skill I’m using called ‘Acting Opposite to Emotion’ “.
  7. Make a vegetable garden happen. (I need my husband’s help for this one, but I’d like to be more of a participant in this since he doesn’t care about vegetables.)
  8. I want to plan a monthly play date. (I miss seeing friends. I feel so busy, and I don’t make much time to socialize, so I’m going to be mindful to pick someone I haven’t seen in a while each month and invite them over or to meet up at one of the many toddler-friendly local venues.)
  9. Organize my picture library. (This is going to take forever, but it needs to be done).
  10. Explore my career options by trying to network. (I’m considering going back to school to teach graduate level students, however, I have yet to ever teach, but I think I would love it.)

That’s it. Share with me one of your resolutions, or help me attain mine. May 2015 bring you all growth, love, and prosperity.






  4 comments for “2015 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Anonymous
    January 2, 2015 at 3:33 pm

    Thank you for blogging. I cant even tell you how “on the same page” I am with you about working and wanting to be home with the family. Running on empty. Well, I am a bit behind you but I can see where things are going for me through your thoughts and I look forward to my future plans rather than just getting by everyday. I have felt so much stress and desperation to get out of my current work situation to be home with my daughter. I didnt know that there was a light at the end of the tunnel until now. I know there is one, I can’t see it quite yet but at least now I know that there is one.

    • Suzanne
      January 3, 2015 at 6:21 pm

      Thank you for your feedback. I am so happy my rantings are helpful. It is difficult to be a working mom in today’s society and live opportunities to connect with other working moms who can relate.

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