Month: December 2014

Creating New Year’s Tradition

Today is New Year’s Eve. NYE used to mean wearing lots of sparkles and glitter, drinking glasses of champagne, and partying late into the night. Life has really changed. I have no interest in getting dressed up (although I still love sparkles and glitter), I am way too tired to stay up until midnight and am happy to be in… Read more →

Living La Vida Middle Class

When I was in high school, I remember learning about socioeconomic status. I learned more in college and graduate school as I had lots of coursework on diversity. However, I don’t really remember seriously thinking about it and processing the class system, because it was not something I found interesting or found to be very impactful in my life at… Read more →

Rabbit Holes and Clarity

There is something great about seeing how all the pieces fit together.  That moment when it all makes sense. When you can look back and see how yesterday and the days prior all add up to make today possible, to make the dreams of tomorrow reality. I am far from fulfilling the destiny which awaits me, but I feel myself… Read more →

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