Month: May 2014

Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Expectations.

I look in the mirror. I hardly recognize the me that stares back. I see my body and can feel society holding the syringe and waiting to inject me with the shame that shall run its course through my veins. The wear of motherhood makes me cringe as I face the stretch marks, the loose skin, and the extra pounds.… Read more →

The Working Mom Blues

When I first took a position as a therapist at the clinic I work at, I was five months pregnant. One of the reasons I was happy to accept the position was because there were five other moms working at the site. In addition, there was one other person there currently pregnant with her first. I was excited to be… Read more →

Real Life Assumptions, Stereotypes and Racism

 Last night I made a phone call to a resort to reserve a weekend on the coast. I was told I couldn’t do the weekend I wanted because they didn’t have any rooms with two beds open for me, my husband, and our two kids. So, I reserved a weekend that really didn’t work out so well with our schedule.… Read more →

So sick of being sick.

Five years ago, I got the flu really bad. This was during the swine flu scare, and although I didn’t actually contract H1N1, I remember feeling awful and having to actually rest to get better. Little did I know what a luxury it was to be sick and be able to rest. Further, this was my first time having the… Read more →


fever-and-sick-smiley-emoticonIf your child should develop Hand, Mouth, and Foot Disease, do not believe anyone who says adults can’t get it. They can. I did. It sucks.

But it could be way worse, so I’m done complaining. (Warning: this link has graphic pictures, so be sure about really wanting to see this) Way Worse Images

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