Month: April 2014

Ring of Fire: a Timeline of My Love-Obsession with Spicy Foods

I have always loved spicy foods. How could I not being the daughter of  a Korean woman who ate (and still eats) spicy food daily. Even my son , at one and a half, appears to be following me down this path. I only can hope his own journey of relationships with spicy foods will be as fulfilling as mine.… Read more →

New Year’s Resolution #1, Check!

One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year was to go to a yoga class (you can see my list of 10 resolutions here). After reading my resolutions, because I also post them on Facebook every year, my co-worker Beth invited me to a hot yoga class. I had heard of hot yoga and was happy that someone was inviting… Read more →

Liebster Award

I’m very excited to have been nominated for the Liebster Award by a fellow blogger. Thank you April for nominating me and reading my blog. (Please check out her blog From Diapers and Tutus to Meetings and Board Rooms.) I feel honored you chose me. I did a real “awwww” out loud when I found out what this was all… Read more →

I Don’t Care.

So we are currently moving. And one of the fun parts of moving is that you find things you forgot you had. My husband stumbled onto one of these so-called forgotten things: a box of photos. Herein lied photos of my early twenties and mid-twenties, the period before I was married and a mom. Some pictures brought back good memories,… Read more →

I Am A Conqueror, I am a Working Mom

Today I’ve been challenged with writing the post that was on my mind when I decided to start my blog. The problem is that I’ve written that blog in each and every post I’ve published. I love the honest emotion that erupts from me as I let myself meditate on what life demands of me. I love to put that… Read more →

5 Things I Would do on a Day Without Kids

Photo Credit: Sometimes, I’d like to go back in time, to a day where I didn’t have kids yet. I would take advantage of the simplistic freedoms I took for granted because I didn’t understand how these things were secret treasures. It’s not the same now, even if my kids went away to a relative’s for an entire day. … Read more →

My Newest Challenge

I’ve decided to take on a challenge to do a post every day. In addition to working full-time, motherhood, and being a wifey I’m going to set aside time daily to develop my blog more and improve my writing abilities. Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post. I did this already in January… Read more →

April 14th, 2014

  April 14, 2014 Dear Dad, Today is your 62nd birthday. Mom texted me this morning to remind me, but I was already aware. Mom texting. Yes, I would have never guessed she would manage to figure it out either. She has even managed to FaceTime. Who would have thought, right? I’ve been thinking about you quite a bit lately,… Read more →

Lessons from Work

“You guys have cool hole punches,” she noticed. “They come pre-punched,” I replied. “They’re shaped like the sun, not round and boring.” I’d never noticed. I don’t know if I have it in me to notice. Her innocence touched my soul, and I remembered to let life’s simplicities bring me joy.   Read more →

A Review of Mississippi Pizza (Live music for kids)

A Review of Mississippi Pizza Every Saturday, at 4pm, Mississippi Pizza hosts a family-friendly musical performance. Family Friendly Features: Kid-friendly music, delicious pizza Family Un-friendly Features: No changing tables, only 2 bathrooms Our Experience: We arrived at approximately 3:50pm on a fourth Saturday to see the Alphabeticians, a musical duo. They asked for $5/family. My husband’s sister and husband… Read more →

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