Month: February 2014

My Daughter’s Balloon

There’s something about a helium balloon. Just one, on its own, evokes feelings of youthful happiness. A reminder of when times were simpler, when one balloon tied to the wrist could make me believe I was special.  There’s something magical about how it floats upwards. Happily, it seems to bounce with me as we walk in unison. Laughing and smiling… Read more →

Birthday Party Planning Fun

I love parties. I love planning parties. I love all of the DIY ideas on pinterest and the internet for making toddler parties spectacular. But I don’t have time for that, and as much as I’d like to have it all look perfect, I have to be honest with myself: no child cares about the food table arrangements, whether the… Read more →

Silencing my Mind

There are so many thoughts, so many anxieties, so many overwhelming needs in my life. Each role I have comes with it’s unique responsibilities and expectations I strive to meet. I must be a good mom. I must be a dutiful wife. I must be a successful therapist. This is a list that goes on and on. If I let… Read more →

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!

A Valentine’s Day and birth story all in one. Warning: If you are pregnant with your first, DO NOT READ THIS. Wait until after you give birth. Today my daughter is 3, and in this last year she has grown up so much into a smart, beautiful little girl. She can tell me when she is happy, sad, scared, and mad.… Read more →

“Fat Talk” Reflections from a Groupon Fail

  Last week I had a Groupon to “get my hair did”. It was not a good experience, as it took 4 weeks from my initial phone call to get in, and I got the most mediocre highlights of my life. But this isn’t about how I feel ripped off and will never go back. In making small talk with… Read more →

My Husband, the State of Emergency Hero

  When the weather gets bad, the city counts on you Clearing the roads, making sure people can get through. Working overtime and really late hours Sanding and plowing using your superpowers. You give it your all, 100 percent And when you get home, we can tell you are spent. All night you were up, in the cold and the… Read more →

Teen Mom 2 is back, Dr. Drew is an A-hole, and how ‘Bout the Frommy

It’s that time of year where I should be preoccupied with getting my taxes done and celebrating the Seahawks winning the Superbowl. Instead I find myself thinking about those gals of Teen Mom 2. I have a special place for them in my heart. During my first pregnancy, I was on bed rest, forced to just watch reality television all… Read more →

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