Month: January 2014

A Review of McMenamin’s Edgefield Happy Hour

A Review of McMenamin’s Edgefield                                                                                             (One of the many McMenamin’s that exist in Oregon) Family Friendly Features: Kids’ Menu; lots of open space inside and outside for kids to explore; many places to explore and adventures to be had Family Un-friendly Features: Many of the bars do not allow for kids (minors) to step inside (however the main restaurant and a… Read more →

Letting it Go

It’s been a long week. It’s been a hard week. I feel stressed. I feel tired. I feel out-of-balance. I feel defeated. I yearn to lie on the floor of my office, curl up in a ball, and just cry. Oh, and yell. “I can’t do this anymore!” Is this it? Have I decided again, that being a working mom… Read more →

Review of Family-Friendly Happy Hour at Hopworks Bikebar

  A Review of Hopworks Bikebar                                                                                                        (Hopworks Bikebar has a sister pub in SE Portland on Powell. This is a review of the pub on N. Williams.) Family Friendly Features: Play area for toddlers; happy hour daily 3-6pm; family restroom (out-of-order when we visited though, so I don’t know what was inside); diaper changing station in bathroom; trendy North Portland location;… Read more →

Where our Culture of “Family” Originates

  “Como estas Susanna?” she would say, every time we greeted each other. She would hold my hands with her own frail hands which had a much tighter grip than you would expect. “Bien,” I would reply, really because that is the extent of my Spanish. Language, the biggest barrier between us, forced us to just nod, point, and wait… Read more →

Why being a Working Mom has made me a Better Mom

My daughter was just born, and I was about to make that transition back to work. I felt good that I was at a job where I could begin at part-time and add days and hours in the weeks to come. Further, I was also blessed with working four blocks away from my sister-in-law who was happy to watch my… Read more →

Potty Training !?#!

Anyone from the grandparent generation will tell you potty training begins early. When your children hit 2, if they are not potty trained, you get a baffled look and questioned, “how old is s/he?”. Even my own mom tells me, “you were potty-trained at 16 months.” My son is 16 months, and he is way too busy preparing for his… Read more →

How WE DO the Portland’s Children’s Museum

Our kids love the Children’s Museum ( ). They could spend the whole day there doing things, but 2 hours is more than enough for us. My first time there, it was free. We had been invited to a birthday party, and it was a great way to see all the museum offers without having to dish out $10/person.… Read more →

Damn you Sleep Training!

My son is currently 16 months old, and as a baby, we swaddled him, and he slept through the night. But my darling little boy is a strong one, and it didn’t take him long to muscle out of his swaddles, which resulted in: no more sleeping through the night. The evening pattern is now, go to bed with a… Read more →

“I don’t know how you do it.”

Welcome to my blog! My name is Suzanne, and the goal of this blog is to be able to share my thoughts and emotions around being a mom of two (one girl and one boy) while working a full-time job in addition to offering support and parenting ideas to other moms (and dads too). So why start a blog? In doing… Read more →

2014 New Years Resolutions

2014 New Year Resolutions Every year for the past 10+ years, I have set 10 resolutions to strive towards. Some of these resolutions I meet, some, I half meet, and some, I don’t even come close to meeting. However, I am always in tune with what I’m working towards, and I re-visit these throughout the year to see if I’m… Read more →

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